Podcast: Public Perception of Science

Episode 1 — Bas Haring

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Bas Haring is a Dutch philosopher and author to a few books for children and popular science such as; ‘Cheese and Theory of Evolution,’ ‘The Iron Will’ and ‘For a successful life: a plea for an unsuccessful life.’ He was also a host, made guest appearances or advised for a number of TV-shows such as; Utopia, Proefkonijnen and Pavlov.

After a study of physics at Utrecht University, Bas Haring specialized in cognitive artificial intelligence. He currently holds a chair on in “public understanding of science” since 2007 at Leiden University. Here he trains young scientists in making science accessible to a more general audience.

In this lecture, Bas Haring will explain a few complex concepts, mostly concerning biology, using metaphors and graphical representations of knowledge. You can find some of the pictures he refers to in his lecture below.

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